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How does it work?

Event makers, Schools, Sport Teams, Cinemas, Malls, Theme parks, Fitness centers, Stores, Restaurants, Festivals, Concerts and many more will post Shouts - which you will be able to read once you are within walking distance. Here is the command chain:

  • The School & The idea!

    A school gets a great idea. Lets have a car wash to collect some money for the upcoming class field trip to the local amusement park!

  • Get it out there!

    The schools representative logs on to eShout, and creates a simple shout "School carwash at noon! Get your rims all shiny!".

  • Everyone's happy!

    The school rally didn't have to wait a week for a printed article, it was instant!

  • Its sunday at noon.

    You're bored out of your mind, so you pull out eShout! *swoosh!*

  • Vibrations of awesome

    *Pling* the message appears, because you either selected "Events" in the pop up categories or favoured this specific school.

  • Shine like a million

    You found something to do, with the added bonus of getting your car cleaned!

What makes eShout great?

At its core, eShout is a communication media between you, and everything that you love and that interests you.
And for your convenience, we always show what is within walking distance.

eShout is a searchengine for life

  • #Be Impulsive

    is the slogan of eShout. The vision is to never be bored, and never to waste another minute looking for a new experience. Impulsiveness is the key to fun.

  • Improving life

    eShout will open up a world of new experiences anything goes; whether its a new restaurant, a concert, a lecture or just your local soccer team playing.

  • Never miss a thing, never be bored

    It sucks to miss out, or pass an opportunity. We aim to lower the risk. With eShout you can get notifications from the stuff you love. But it is all up to you.

Find everything you are looking for

Scenario 1 - The Festival

You're at a great festival with thousands of people around you. *Pling* a shout appears from the Festival on eShout, your favourite artist is taking the stage in 10. You didn't miss it.

Scenario 2 - The Next Day

You wake up after a long festival. A brunch with eggs and bacon, sweet savoury bacon, sounds incredible. But where? Pull out eShout, open the map, find your brunch. Awesome.

The #Be Impulsive way.

At a glance, eShout is very simple. but it's so much more - see for yourself.

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